Mould Making, Life Casting and Casting.

In the last 12 years I have been fortunate enough to work on a number of small and large scale projects, giving me experience in moulding a wonderful variety of sculptures.  My skill set now covers the design and creation of all mould types, from the smallest skin prosthetics to collapsable cores and silicone jackets, right through to large scale multi piece fibre glass moulds.

This has also given me many years of life casting experience, which is an aspect of my skill set that I thoroughly enjoy.  I am familiar with both head casting and full body casting and how to piece together plaster casts to represent an accurate copy of the actor.

Displayed here is a handful of the moulds and life casts I have worked on.

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Captain America

SFX Company: Altered States FX - David White. Full body and head life cast of Chris Evans, finished and pieced together in plaster. 2 part fibre glass and silicone jacket mould for head and hands. Pigmented Fibre glass Cast was for the costume department, so the cast had to include detachable arms and legs to aid in dressing and undressing mannequin.