Project:                 Fortitude 

SFX Company:    Animated Extras Ltd

My Role:               Model Maker, Life Caster, Mould Maker, On Set Technician

Life size Bear created for Autopsy. Designed by Nick Williams and Pauline Fowler at Animated Extras. The full bear took 5 artists to create. Gag included removal of the head, skull and then brain - all in camera action sequence.

Bear dressed on set ready for autopsy

Creating the internal workings of the bear skull for the 'in camera' gag of removing the skull and brain

Creating the Bear tongue

finished bear head

During the scene: Head detached, skull opened and brain removed.

Actor playing with Bear brain.

Plasterlene cast straight out of life cast - no clean up.

Half body completed from separate head cast and body cast and sculpted together.